Plastic alternatives to avoid

2018-10-15 12:15 #0 by: Niklas

Sometimes we think we know what is best for the environment. Then it turns out we were wrong. Sugru has listed four not so good plastic alternatives on their website.

  1. Paper bags. They have a higher carbon footprint than plastic bags. Re-use bags you already own to avoid increasing your waste.

  2. Biodegradable cups. The sheer number of disposable cups used in the world makes all materials unsustainable. 400,000,000 disposable cups are used in the U.S. alone every day. Use re-usable cups instead. Pick one with a cow on so it’s easily recognizable. ;-)

  3. Paper & pasta straws. Paper straws usually have a bigger carbon footprint than plastic ones. Pasta straws add to the food waste. Learn to drink from the glass or cup.

  4. Glass bottles. Unless you dish and re-use them, glass bottles are not sustainable.

A good way of thinking when it comes to sustainability, is to use re-usable things whenever available and don’t buy things that aren’t necessary. Go for quality that lasts a long time.

(Photo by John Cameron at Unsplash)

2018-10-15 17:39 #1 by: Leia

I'm particularly shocked at number 3 given the big move from plastic to paper straws that is happening in the UK. Our local Mcdonalds now even has paper straws, despite previously stating they were not going to change. 

It could be that plastic straws do more damage to sea life? So in that way paper is better? 

You just have to choose between wildlife or the environment I guess?  

All the best, Leia

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2018-10-15 23:19 #2 by: jordan

If only there was a way to maximize the use of the current supplies of things, then the problem wouldn't be anywhere near as bad. 

2018-10-18 03:58 #3 by: Tammie

I would think that with how long plastic takes to biodegrade makes paperbags a better prospect than plastic even though wood has a higher carbon foot print. It is biodegradable. 

Happy creating!


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