10 Homesteading Income Ideas

2018-06-22 23:23 #0 by: Tammie

There can be many ways to earn income from your homestead. This video talks about 10 different ways to earn income so that your homestead is profitable. I thought they would talk about selling eggs and honey but to my surprise they didn't mention those things at all.

1. YouTube

2. Stock Photo's and Footage  DJI Drone Shots

3. Selling Essential Oils

4. Tree Propagation, Cultivate Rootstock

5. E Books  

6. Online Courses

7. Make a Documentary of a Season of Your Homesteading - Digital Download

8. Affiliate Sales - Find a product that you like and offer to sell it on your website as and Amazon Affiliate

9. Real Estate Investing such as Airbnb Cabins

10. Patreon - A Membership business

Happy creating!


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2018-06-23 06:55 #1 by: Niklas

When I read the headline, I immediately thought about writing books. It is a superb way to make a passive income. :-)

2018-06-23 11:35 #2 by: Leia

I wish I had caught on the YouTube trend sooner, the major ones who started about 6/7 years are earning loads these days, Zoella has a house worth over one million!

All the best, Leia

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2018-06-23 22:32 #3 by: Tammie

#1 Yes, it is. You just have to know how to write well.

#2. I agree with you Leia. I too, wish I had caught on to You Tube sooner. 

Happy creating!


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